2007 Yale GP080VX

8,000lb Capacity

4,200 hours, gas Cheverolet Vortec, 3 stage mast with free lift, 4 function valve, lift, tilt, side shift and fork positioners, 72" wide carriage, auto trans, 60" forks.

Runs great and everything works as it should.


2010 Yale GDP080VX

2007 Yale GDP080VX Forklift

8,000lb forklift, Diesel, 8,702 hours, shuttle transmission, tilt steering wheel, 60" fork tines, 4 valve, lift, tilt, side shift and fork positioners, 143" 2 stage mast, ROPS, ROPS and a rotating beacon.

Pre CARB, no DEF or DPF to deal with.


Lull 844B Highlander

Lull 844B Highlander 

8,000lb reachlift, 42' reach with sliding mast, tilting carriage, JD diesel, 4x4, good tires, low hours at 4,689.  3 cylinders just repacked


Hyster H80XL

Hyster H80XL

Gas engine, side shift, good rubber, runs well, ready to work.  Fresh paint and new seat.


CAT R80 Rough Terrain

CAT R80 Rough Terrain

Only 2,861 hours, 3 stage mast, total lift height of 355" (29' 7"), good tires, extra rim and tire, side shift, tow bar, diesel, long tilt cylinders so this can be hauled on the deck of a trailer.  8,000lb capacity



Komatsu 50 Forklift

5000lb gas forklift. Nissan 4 cyl motor, 2 stage mast.

NO Side shift

Nice solid little lift with solid tires.

Pneumatic tires available for an additional $650