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What our customers are saying...

"I purchased a used skid steer from Mark sight unseen (just pictures and video). He was very pleasant to deal with and the tractor is just as he described. The price was fair, he arranged shipping, and it arrived on time. I would definitely do business with him again. Thanks Redding Equipment."

-Daevin Palmer

  Carson City NV


" I r​ealized last year just how much I wanted a tractor and this year, it was time to hit the buy button. Having driven 18-wheelers years ago and operated big boats for many years, I knew I'd be a quick study but there's still a sharp learning curve starting from scratch. My husband's operated big equipment but he also needed a primer on a smaller model. Mark blew us away from the very beginning. He held the tractor for us and came in on his day off to show it to us. What happened then is why you really want to patronize this man's business. There is no BS in him. He's more an educator than a salesman and that makes him the best of all salespeople.

Mark went step-by-step on all of the features the tractor had, how they'd translate to our needs and gave pros and cons on accessories. Not once did he ask whether we were ready to buy, he just continued as though we already had. No pressure, just an open, generous attitude. I've started, owned and sold businesses since I was 22 and I'm closing in on 70, so there's a pretty good chance I recognize an excellent salesperson when I encounter one. Most aren't but Mark is. I can't say enough good about how straightforward and knowledgeable he is. My sole complaint is he didn't offer to give me a free bucket truck, but you can't have everything, I guess. 

Total thumbs up on Redding Equipment Sales."

-Heidi T.

  Lewiston, CA


"First time tractor buyer. Reached out to Mark and have greatly appreciated the extremely informative and zero pressure environment he presents. Very glad to have discovered his services. His years of experience are evident through the manner in which he shares his knowledge and guides customers to the right equipment for their needs."

-Adam Green 

  Mt. Shasta, CA


"Mark sold my tractor and my classic GMC truck for me. He got me the best price for both and did it in a short period of time, really helpful for my budget. I trust Mark to always help me with equipment. He has come out when I needed help and solved my problems. Very trustworthy and reliable."

-Carole Weisman

  Anderson, CA


"Mark is a darn good dude. He has sold tractors to a few friends of mine. They are very happy with them. I would highly recommend him."

-Dylan Sacco

  Redding CA


"Mark is a great guy and very knowledgeable in construction and farm equipment."

-Trask Stone

  Rainier OR


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